December 21, 2016

You already have, in GOOGLE PLAY and APP STORE, new updates of our free apps, which connect our On-Board Weighing System to  your smart phone.      The new developments include the possibility of sending the data of hour, date, weight and location of your vehicle. They have also been included connectivity improvements, as well […]

Improve your vehicle’s productivity. Lack of risk for overweight fines. Loading knowledge at the precise moment. Accuracy  ± 0,5% Remarkable fuel saving. Avoid unnecessary axle overload. Lengthen the life of your vehicle. Easy installation and no regular  maintenance. Auto-adjustment programming. Adaptable up to 8 semitrailers. Sound alarm when the programmed maximum weight is reached. Bluetooth […]

Plastecnic Blue is an App developed to receive in your mobile phone the weight data from the truck transmitted by our On-board Weighing System. With this application you can manage the loading and unloading processes of the vehicle on your mobile phone. At the same time you can have an accurate knowledge of the weight […]

Our methods of control of Production Conformity are certified by the Automobile Certification Unit, UCA, dependent of the Ministry of Industry, energy and Tourism. Thus we guarantee that our products carry out all the requirements to be installed in industrial vehicles. From 1998 we develop, produce and commercialize accessories for industrial vehicles under our own […]

Ahora fabricamos nuestro módulo transmisor a distancia con tecnologí­a Bluetooth. De esta manera, un usuario que disponga de un teléfono móvil con sistema operativo Android puede leer en su terminal el peso que lleva en el vehículo. En caso de no tener un teléfono Android, seguimos fabricando un receptor adecuado para visualizar el peso.

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