Plastecnic Blue is an App developed to receive in your mobile phone the weight data from the truck transmitted by our On-board Weighing System.

With this application you can manage the loading and unloading processes of the vehicle on your mobile phone.

At the same time you can have an accurate knowledge of the weight of the load your vehicle transports. It allows independent adjustment of the weight, with an audible alarm when you have reached the limit marked.

The percentage of load is also displayed, and the difference in weight will change of color as it approaches or exceeds the programmed maximum. Thus you can set a maximum axle weight, and control the distribution of the load much better.

It is possible to send an e-mail or image with the weight details and the location of the vehicle.

Shorter loading and unloading truck processes
Control of partial discharges instantly
Considerable fuel savings
Reduced risk of fines for overloading
Possibility of sending data from your mobile phone

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